Thursday, June 9, 2011

Strengths and Weaknesses

For 6 years, I have had the honor of having one of the best jobs around as a "Domestic Manger" (I even wanted to make business cards). A Domestic Manger is a demanding job that requires a lot of multi-tasking among many other things: being at home taking care of children, husband, cleaning, laundry, creativity, imagination, coordinating schedules/events/Dr. Appt.'s/activities, meals, finances, etc.
Anyway, about 6 weeks ago I told Lupe I thought I should go back to work to help take some of the load off of his shoulders (I know he needed me to go back to work, but he would of never asked- I love him!)- Lupe agreed and I started on my pursuit.
I said all of that to talk about this:
I found myself in those wonderful, uncomfortable, stressful job interviews- which I must admit- I'm very good at! Potential employers ask you all of these crazy questions in hopes of getting an accurate picture of who you are and what you can do.  I was asked THE question: What are your Strengths? What are your Weaknesses? This question may stump some, but was an easy question for me, because just months before I realized that my Strengths were also my Weaknesses.
Sometimes it can be hard to say your Strengths out loud for fear of sounding cocky and full of yourself. But, in this search of rediscovering me- I have to confidently acknowledge what I am good at and what I enjoy, in order for me to utilize those things and to allow others to utilize them! So, here we go:
- I am organized, neat, clean.
- I am creative.
- I am passionate.
- I love to plan and coordinate events.
- I love to read.
- I love to be outside and active.
- I like to bake/cook.
- I love to read.
(There may be a few more, but these are what stand out to me).
Already, I feel like I should be explaining myself and the reasons why I feel like I'm good at/enjoy these things out of fear of how others are interpreting me- but I wont! LOL!
But, some of these things can quickly become my weaknesses. Many of my friends who have lived with me or close to me are probably saying- "YES"!!
The Weaknesses of:
- Being Organized- is the inability to function outside of your neat home and schedule. It has been crippling at times. I had surgery around this time last year, I prolonged my recovery because I was unable to let things just be. When everyone would leave the house, I would sneak downstairs and start cleaning everything MY way (because my way is the right way), put all the toys in the correct labeled drawers, etc. I began having complications that had me on permanent bed rest for weeks instead of days because of my inability to allow things to just 'be'.
Another weakness of my organized self is, I have always been a mom with a schedule and firmly believe children need and require predictability- so, of course, my girls have always been on a schedule. Overall, that predictable schedule has always been wonderful- the only time it is not wonderful is when we were off the schedule (especially when they were younger). When Tenly started preschool, she had a hard time on days that her class did something out of the ordinary- she, like me- thrives on a schedule and predictability. Tenly has gotten much better at 'going with  the flow', but we try to prepare her the day before so she can still predict to a degree.
- Being Creative- not to many weaknesses to this one- except that it's hard to sit back and watch a lack of creativity- especially those times when you are not able (invited) to do anything about it. I've learned (the hard way) to ask, "How can I help?" and do only what you have been invited to do or offer only what you've been invited to offer. It's not worth hurting others feelings just so you can be creative or have input. In other words, it's a giving up of control (that's a big OUCH for me).

- Being Passionate- sometimes your passion can push people away instead of embracing them. Just because it's your passion does not mean it must be everyone else's.
It's so empowering once you're able to not only recognize your strengths and weaknesses, but also embrace them. I still havent' 'arrived'- and have to tell myself often that I need others- to thrive within my talents and gifting and to invite others in to fill in my gaps. I was not created to do it all myself, and to be honest, I don't want to do it all myself. I am not perfect (I know, you're shocked)- and find it funny that I tried (sometimes still try) to be.
What are you good at? What do you LOVE to do? Capitalize on the gifts and talents God has given you, He gave you these talents for a reason. If you're not using your them, look for an outlet to use them- but first you have to acknowledge what they are. After that, call or email somebody (even me) to tell them what you are good at and what you are going to do about it.

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