Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm to tired to retype it, so I'll cut and paste the Facebook status I just posted: "It's been a wonderful day- but I am straight up'm EXHAUSTED! Still have to bathe the girls, fix dinner, eat dinner, put clothes away, vacuum, pick up Lupe, and put the girls to bed! BUT, I'm choosing to focus on the 'It's been a WONDERFUL day' part!" I forgot to add to that, I have to bake muffins for Tenly's snack day at school tomorrow- but still focusing on "...Wonderful..."!!! :)
So, my post is going to be a little different today: I'm asking for HELP and ADVICE from all you moms who have been working outside of your home. How, for the love of Jesus, do you do it (or did you do it)? 
I've been working for awhile now, but my job just kicked into overdrive with our summer camp schedule. Let me explain, I work at The Little Gym of Plantation (incredible place- check out the website for one near you). Anyway, so I'm not just 'working'- I am running, flipping, spinning, jumping, donkey kicking, monkey jumping ALL DAY LONG (and today Gianna went with me). So much to do, and my perfectionist self makes it that much harder to do it. On top of making the time with my girls and Lupe special and top priority. I know, some of you are saying you just have to let things go and enjoy time. I've been doing that, and trying to pretend I don't notice the house needs to be dusted, but it's driving me crazy! I feel guilty that I'm sitting here typing my blog and not vacuuming my house and putting the clothes away and ironing my husbands shirts (for real, I really am)! I have my cleaning schedule, which I love, but to be honest I'm having a hard time keeping up.
I must admit, I'm blessed with a husband who is more than willing to help me (for instance, I forgot to take something out for dinner tonight- but he had already done it.). But, I feel bad asking for help sometimes because of how hard he works.
I'm sure there is no true formula for all of this (although I would LOVE for someone to reassure me there is- and then give it to me)- but I am so tired right now and trying to walk around with blinders so I don't see the dust in my house is not working for me. 
But, as my Facebook status just said, I'm choosing to focus on the wonderful day I've had- as exhausted as I am- it was a great day for my whole family. Being able to say that is truly a blessing!

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