Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Forgot Something.......

Hania and Tenly
As I was laying in bed last night, I felt a little bit "heavy"- so I started to do that self-evaluation thing. I couldn't seem to turn my brain off even though I was exhausted. I found myself reflecting on my blog from last night- I kept replaying it in my head and something just wasn't feeling right about it. While breaking down different elements of it, I started to figure it out- I felt like I sounded bitter and was doing a lot of finger pointing. I pointed out a lot of the negative stuff- but failed to point out that it wasn't ALL bad. Therefore, an apology is due, and I need to take this opportunity to set the record straight and reflect on the positive things that my children and I took away from the ministry and camp.
Curtis & Tenly
First, we were very LOVED, especially my girls. The "staff kids" were all doted on at every opportunity by all of the 80+ staff and all of the 300+ students. My girls loved going down to the camp, of course what kid would not want to go down to a place where they were constantly the center of attention. My children were around God's Word constantly, I loved the fact that the staff and students (almost) always demonstrated God through their actions and words. They were able to see children, teens, young/old adults worshiping God in every way imaginable: dance, drama, prayer, music, fun, etc. Lupe's staff in the kitchen and dining hall were practically a part of our family, they were willing to jump in and help us with our girls or at home any time we asked- and even when we didn't ask. My girls would get so excited if Curtis, Jessica, Vanessa, or Tiffany were coming over or if they were going down to the camp to see them.
Elizabeth and My girls
Elizabeth was my first baby sitter for Tenly and Gianna- she was so wonderful and made my girls transition into the church nurseries effortless- she was a constant in our life for over 2 years. She and her husband (who just had 2 twin girls) also became dear friends.
Jessica & Gianna
My girls learned the joy of giving at the ministry. On any and every holiday, we use to make some kind of snack or treat for everyone. The girls would dress up in whatever holiday attire, and we would go to all of the staff offices and the girls would give one of the treats to all of the staff. Tenly and Gianna LOVED it- and it was through this that they learned the joy that giving brings to others. The staff were always so great, they would hug, take pictures, and make the biggest fuss over the girls bringing their treats. It was honestly some of my favorite moments.
Joe & Sandi
Tenly and Gianna couldn't wait for something to break at our house, because that meant that Papa Joe and Nana Sandi were coming over to fix it (Papa Joe did the fixing while Nana Sandi got to play and visit). Sandi was my companion to all of my Doctor appointments while pregnant with Tenly, and helped take care of Tenly during my rough pregnancy with Gianna. Joe and Sandi became a sense of consistency in our family. Sandi was my first friend out at the ministry and is still one of my few from the ministry who still remains.
Aunt Chris & The Girls
Christina, or Aunt Chris, very easily became a dear friend to my girls and I. Whenever anyone became pregnant at the camp, the big question was what would "the blanket" look like. I'll never forget when I opened that beautiful blanket at my shower for Tenly- it was this beautiful pink knitted blanket. Those are the most precious gifts, one that takes of someones time and love. Of course, Gianna was given one of the same and Aunt Chris made her the famous "stringy blanket" that we never leave home without! Christina on more than one occasion dropped everything to come to my house and watch my girls for any reason there was. She followed my tedious schedule for my girls to the "T". Christina always loved me for "me"- good, bad, and ugly!
Sarah & Tenly
Then there is Sarah!!!! Sarah took care of my girls as if they were her own, she did not pawn them off as a second thought or nuisance- but made them (and all the other staff children) important and relevant. I can honestly say, that Sarah Moilenan allowed my children to leave the ministry with wonderful memories of belonging and importance. I will be forever grateful for the hand print she left on Tenly and Gianna's (and my)life.
At the church, Tenly fell in love with "Faith Walkers"- the PreK children's church. Through Cierra and David (and Lydia), Tenly learned at the young age of 3 how real Jesus really was. In that class, Tenly invited Jesus into her heart with Lydia. She always said her favorite part was Praise and Worshiping Jesus.
Sarah will kill me for this one! lol!
Truthfully, everyone I have named in this blog- and many I haven't- left a positive impact on my girls lives-and mine. These are just a few of the precious things I am grateful my girls- and I- were able to experience at the ministry.
Today I learned a big lesson- I've got to let the positive outweigh the negative....I never want to be known as bitter and negative person..............................................

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