Monday, July 2, 2012

Sandi: Superwoman at Her Best!

It is time for a new Mom perspective from my friend, Sandi. Her perspective may be a bit different because she not only already has 3 beautiful girls out of the house, but she’s also a MeeMaw to 2 Grandsons and a 3rd Grandbaby on the way.
Sandi was my first friend in Texas. The first time I arrived on the ministry grounds as Lupe’s fiancĂ©, Sandi quickly introduced herself and then informed me she was taking me to breakfast the next morning. I pretty much fell in love with her from the start; we became immediate close friends and remain today. She is light hearted, funny, a great listener, and she matches my own dry sarcastic humor with her own.
As I went through hard times, Sandi listened to me and would advise me without ever judging me. While I was pregnant with Tenly, she would chauffer me to many of my doctor’s appointments and even stayed at the hospital with me at times. While pregnant with Gia, she would entertain and take care of Tenly when I was too sick to do much of anything. Pretty much she is a great friend who gave over and above without asking or expecting anything in return, it was just because she loved me.
Sandi loves people! She just knows how to love, listen and encourage. Sandi fills a room with her smile and she radiates happiness. She is quick to pray and/or quote a scripture to either help you or just because she wants to. This woman is so full of wisdom that I was excited for her to throw out a few things for others to read:

I am Sandra (or Sandi to many), a Wife, Mom, MeeMaw, and Ministry Leader. My husband, Joe and I, will be celebrating 34 years of marriage this July 1st and are more in love now than ever. We have 3 daughters, Monique 32, Josandi 30 and Grace 25, and are proud of each and every one. Our 2 grandsons RJ and Jonathan know us as Pawpaw and Meemaw, and there is 1 in the oven, due in October.

Joe and I have served as lay leaders in the ministry since we first accepted Jesus and now serve in a Texas bible school/Christian camp in the maintenance department. Joe's a cowboy at heart and the furniture he creates is kept in natural pine. I feel like we live in a Bonanza episode. We both love to garden, fish, Pinterest and FACEBOOK. Our secret dream is to someday visit Alaska and take a cruise.

Are you a Scheduled or Non-Scheduled Mom? What are the benefits and downfalls to your choice?
Unscheduled Mom. Benefits: spontaneity is possible. Downfalls: spontaneity with your husband alone is NOT.
What is your biggest Mommy Pet-Peeve?
When non-moms or strangers corrected my discipline methods, they don't know me or
My kids.
Your funniest/most embarrassing “Mom/Child’ moment?
When my 3 yr old answered the phone and told my Pastors wife, "Mommy can't come to the phone right now, she's in the bathroom making pooh-poohs.” I am still living that one down.
Given the opportunity, what- if anything- would you do differently as a Mom?
Take more time to listen and understand what my kids were trying to tell me. I would make more time for my girls, daddy and me.
Did the way you were parented shape that way that you parent your own children?
Yes, I had nannies and both of my parents worked. Therefore, I decided to stay home with my babies and put aside buying a lot of the extra "stuff". My girls did grow up with less material things, but also had more sense than I did, as well as better people and job skills.
What are your “non-negotiables” when it comes to your kids?
My time is my time unless someone is about to die or has a fever.
What was your biggest fear when you found out you were going to be a Mom?
My biggest fear was being criticized by my mom.  What if I never did anything right? I was right about that one though, I received a phone call every morning for several years telling me how to dress them, etc.
Do you have a funny “labor” moment?
Taking my sweet, gentle husband that was there to comfort me, and in my deepest demonic voice, threatened him "never do this to me again or I WILL KILL YOU SLOWLY!"
One thing that you do for your kids- because you love them- but you absolutely dread it every time!?
Going to the park or zoo...I HATE the Texas heat.
Do you have any regrets?
Letting others decide when/what/where/how our family time could take place, things like vacations and such.
Labor: With drugs or without drugs?
No drugs.... I’m superwoman, didn't you know that?
Your biggest Mommy “Aha” moment?
When my 2nd daughter was born, when I held her I knew I could love each of my babies as much as the other. Priceless.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to other Moms?
You loved your husband first, continue to keep your relationship fresh with him and don't allow yourself to make your babies your one and only. When they're grown, you and your honey may not have much in common anymore if you do not care for that relationship.  

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  1. Lady you make me sound 100 times better than I realized I actually am. If I wasn't me I think I'd like myself for a friend too. Thanks for the opportunity to share my "mommyness". Loves to you, the girls and your hunny bear.