Thursday, July 26, 2012

30 Days To School Memories

Tenly's 1st day of Kinder
I know I am not the only one thinking about school getting ready to start as August approaches. The school supply lists, what teacher will they have, who will be in their class, the backpack and lunchbox shopping, etc.
I also know I cannot be the only one who is excited to get back into a routine, but is also dreading losing control once again. Tenly is going into the 1st Grade this year and Gianna is starting PreK- for 3 hours a day I will be without children- what in the world am I going to do (don't worry, I think I will manage to find things to do fairly easily). The hardest part of my kids beginning school is the fact that I am not in "the know" at all times. I am having to put my trust and most precious gifts into the hands of others. "Will they have friends?", "Will they be scared?", "Will someone be mean to them?", "Will they stand up for themselves?", "Will their teachers 'care'?", "Will they remember where everything is?", "Will they ask for help?", my list could go on forever. 
I saw a post on another Blog (forgive me, I did not write the blog down, so this is not my brilliant idea- just my list) last year after Tenly had started Kindergarten. It was "30 Days To Kindergarten"- I hated I didn't see it in time, but vowed that it was something I would like to do every year counting down to school starting. So, I made my list last year- and although I haven't been able to really do it this year (I am babysitting an infant at home now), I still love the idea and think it something we implement more and more. So here it is for the Mom's out there who want to live life to the fullest before their babies begin their "big kid" journey...
You and your child (or children) make a list for every day of the month, each day there will be something that you do that is special or out of the ordinary. I remember the Blogger that the idea came from documented each day with a picture, which would be wonderful (I can see a great Shutterfly Photobook now!). An important part of the process is towards the end, you interview your child (I also think it would be fun for your child to interview you at the same time), ideally you will interview them with the same questions each year to watch how they change/develop/grow (I will put some questions at the very end of the Days). I know we are a little short of the full 30 days- but you could do a 20, 15 or even 10 day countdown.
[By The Way, I ran across this Blog, 30 Days To Kindergarten, (while trying to find the link to the other) that the Mom wrote something special to her son every day while making memories in every moment- it is a very touching read.]
31 Day Kindergarten (or School) Countdown
Day 1- Ice cream date to make our 30 day lists.
Day 2- Barnes 'N Noble Bookstore
Day 3- Fort building
Day 4- Artists Day: Coloring Books and Drawing 
Day 5- Scavenger Hunt 
Day 6- Swimming with friend of choice
Day 7-  Sidewalk Chalk
Day 8- Makeover
Day 9- Mani/Pedi
Day 10- Daddy's Birthday Celebration
Day 11: Movie Night with Blankets, Pillows, and Popcorn
Day 12: Visit Michael's for "Crafty Night" stuff
Day 13: Make Cupcakes
Day 14: Tea Party
Day 15: Bowling
Day 16: Bake a Cake
Day 17:  Pool time fun
Day 18:  Library Day
Day 19: Cook Dinner 
Day 20: Park Play Date and Lunch with Friends
Day 21: Play Do
Day 22: Lunch Date at Sweet Tomato's
Day 23: Game Night
Day 24: Mini golf adventure
Day 25: Canvas Painting for Bedroom Decor
Day 26: Museum Day
Day 27: Fishing
Day 28: Interview Questions (look below)
Day 29: Living Room "Camping"- continue Interview (look below)
Day 30: Beach Day
Day 31: Jaxson's Ice Cream
Interview Questions
Favorite color:
Favorite foods:
Favorite thing to do:
Favorite Friend:
Favorite thing to wear:
Favorite Toy:
Favorite thing to do with Mommy:
Favorite thing to do with Daddy:
Favorite movie:
Favorite place to visit:
Favorite book:
Favorite trip:
Favorite day ever:
Worst day ever:
Something funny that happened to you:
Something sad:
Something happy:
What I’m most thankful for:

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