Thursday, July 19, 2012

Annette: Love Conquers All

My friend, Annette, shared a post, "Triplets...Practically", from her Blog, Bleubird Diary yesterday. Today, she was kind enough to answer some of my pestering "Mom Questions". Like I said before, Annette truly is an unbelievable Mom and one I have learned from on many occasions. The fact that her 3 kids were all born in 3 years may have something to do with her incredible "Mommy Wisdom".
My name is Annette Yanez. I am the Mother of three wonderful kids, Alex, Delisa and Noah. I have been married to my husband, Bobby, for ten years. I grew up in the Austin, Texas area and then moved to Columbus, Texas to attend Texas Bible Institute where I ended up staying on staff for over eight years serving in different area of ministry. I am a Blogger myself on Bleubird Diary , and I am currently pursuing my undergraduate in Christian Counseling at Liberty University.
Are you a scheduled or non-scheduled Mom? What are the benefits and downfalls to your choice?
I was a scheduled Mom up until Alex went to Kinder. Now we live in a frame and routine of a schedule- but it no longer mandates our days.
Having structure in our lives definitely brought order where the kids could thrive. They were confident and assured of security in our home so they developed in all of their stages. As much of a stickler I was to our schedule, I think that having flexibility is vital. Things come up, opportunities to hang out with others or to just get up and go for a family outing- if your are to confined by schedule you could miss out making some special memories. So, be flexible.
Given the opportunity, what- if anything- would you do differently as a Mom?
Allowing your child to develop his/her creativity is so essential to their development. What I would have changed, and what I am improving now is, allowing them to play with their toys without going behind them and cleaning up. I have read that, to us it is a mess, but to them it is something in their minds they have created. I use to give Alex three crayons at a time to color with and found out in Kinder that the more colors they use the better. Trust me, we have TONS of colors everywhere now!
Do you have a secret "Mommy Confession"- something that you did/do that you are willing to share?
Nowadays, I guess admitting that I discipline my kids is a "confession".
Cloth or disposable diapers?
My Mom used cloth diapers with my younger sibling when I was around 11 years old, so I gained some practice then. Sometimes I wished that I had done the same, especially now that I am conscience of the amount of waste we are creating. BUT, I did use disposable ones for my kids...there was about 6 months that all three of my kids were in diapers!!!!!
Did the way you were parented shape the way that you parent your own children?
For sure!  I am structured and routined because of my parents, and my kids thrive in structure also. Growing up, we were not big huggers. I never had a doubt of being loved, but we just did not always express it. With my kids, they are over loaded in hugs, kisses and holding hands.
What are your "non-negotiables" when it comes to your kids?
Respect towards others. Showing love and friendship to everyone around us is not a question, it is what we do. Guarding my kids innocence while shepherding their hearts to love God.
Did you breastfeed- why/why not? Did you feel pressured either way?
I nursed because I wanted to. I figured that if I was well endowed then why not! HaHa!
Do you have a funny "labor moment"? 
With my third son, Noah, I went into labor and had to have my contractions slowed down, so they gave me the sedative Ambein. All I could 'dream' and talk about (in my sleep) was Abby Cadaby (the fairy from Sesame Street). I was talking some crazy stuff...but what do you expect when they kept walking me around to different rooms after I was sedated!
One thing that you do for your kids- because you love them- but you absolutely dread it every time?
Play Dough....enough said!
What is something you said you would NEVER do with/to your children, that you have found yourself doing?
Being too uptight about my house being clean and tidy. I have relaxed tons, but you will still come to a clean orderly house...most of the time. I have learned to enjoy family moments and pick up the mess the next day.
What is the best advice you could give to a new Mother?
Do what is right for your family. And I mean your husband, you and your kids. Extended family and friends will have the best advice for you, however, not everything works the same once you try it. Above everything,  love on your kids- you can never go wrong with love. Remember, love conquers all and God's love is on your side.

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