Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Drama Queen Has Taken Stage...

Here in South Florida, we are back in school! Tenly is going into first grade and Gianna is beginning PreK (only 3 hours a day).

About a week before school began we went back to rigid 7:30 bedtimes and began going over our "Morning School Routine". The girls wake up around 6:30, potty, brush teeth, make their bed, get dressed and then we all eat breakfast together while we have our morning devotions.

Monday morning arrived and just as I was about to get out of my bed a little before 6:00- two perfectly dressed little girls greeted me as I sat up...WAY to early!

Typically I may have sent them back to bed until 6:30, but they were so excited and proud that they had already completed everything on their schedule...I was quite proud as well.

They have continued to do this every day this week, although not quite as early, that is until today.
You want to talk about DRAMA...not only can I give you drama, I can give you a drama QUEEN: Tenly Maria! And to make it worse, I had to have some fasting blood work done...that means I had to endure the said drama coffee-less- that is never a good thing!

The day started with a change of mind about her clothes that was communicated very dramatically, a little to dramatically for her to get her way. She was sent back to her room to continue her routine privately out of my sight.

We then continued to breakfast. She informed us she did not want bananas in her cereal- but for some reason her Dad was suppose to understand that she was only saying that because she was mad about her clothes and should of given them to her anyway.

As Lupe began to talk about the devotion we read out of the Bible, she found it necessary to dramatically say, "I know!" to everything he said.

Of course, by this time- she has had way too much grace and chances and I was trying to stay out of the way because I could feel my annoyance rising and I was about to take my place on that drama stage.

From that point on, Tenly was mad if her sister spoke or even looked at her for any reason at all. Everything I asked her was answered with a sigh, grunt and the one thing that drives me crazy- the rolling of the eyes- WHERE does a first grader get this stuff??!!

I hit the limit while trying to fix her hair- she was disciplined.

I am proud that I held my patience to that point; my grace usually does not extend that far (God has really been working on my heart in those two areas). I just hated to send her to school right after disciplining her- what a horrible way to start the day. I was also very aware that she was adjusting to the long days and new schedule and was tired.. Although those are all reasons for her behavior, it did not excuse it and it was not okay.

After I disciplined her, she was in the bathroom and I was sitting there hating how that morning had gone and wishing I could rewind it. Who wants to send their child into school after crying all morning?

My heart sank as she came out of the bathroom and literally collapsed into my arms, sobbing, telling me she was SOOO sorry.

I gripped onto her as tight as I could about to fall off the edge of my emotions. It was horrible morning, but I was so proud that she took responsibility for her actions and said sorry all on her own. As she walked out the door with her Daddy she was smiling and Mommy was left holding back tears.

The dreaded back to school adjustment period is beyond tough. Praying that this year it is shorter than it was last year. Also praying that tomorrow morning comes drama-less....


  1. Be prepared Momma, as the drama only gets more intense as the girls get older. Praying without ceasing is a good recommendation that Our Heavenly Father suggests. Do hope your mornings get better and better.

  2. As much as I hate to admit it-you are right-I'm sure this is not the end of the drama! Surrounding every day in prayer IS an absolute necessity! This morning was better, thanks!