Monday, September 3, 2012

Own It!

Are you able to accept a compliment?

Why do many women (men also, but I am speaking primarily to women) seem to find any reason to discredit a compliment?

Compliment: "I love your outfit!"
Response: "Really? My butt looks huge!"
Compliment: "You're hair is so cute!"
Response: "I think it looks like a hot mess. I hate my curly (or straight) hair." or "I always wish I had straight (or curly) hair.."
Compliment: "Your kids are so well behaved!"
Response: "Don't worry, you're only catching them on a good day.."
Compliment: "You look great!"
Response: "I guess that's good, cause I feel like crap."
Compliment: "What a great picture!"
Response: "No, I look so fat.."

Why can't we simply say, "Thank You!"-without following it with an excuse or belittling the compliment? Why is it so hard to accept a compliment? 

Even if we do not agree or are feeling the exact opposite of what the person says, why can't we just accept it and smile (without rolling the eyes)?

It seems that people are so quick to own the things they are not good at it and readily fess up to them, but then also deny the things we ARE good at when brought up! Do not just own your weaknesses- OWN your strengths!

I am sure there are some that readily accept a compliment with much grace and dignity, the rest of us (yes, self included) need to use them as an example and join their ranks.

A sincere compliment deserves a sincere expression of gratitude, not a cursory thanks or dismissal.

Awhile back, I had posted a family picture on Facebook that I received many compliments on. What was my response? "...It's a pretty good picture, I just wish I was holding Tenly and think I look really fat.." A friend corrected me by saying, "Jenn, a good southern lady accepts a compliment with 'thank you very much'.."

I quickly realized she was right- what an insult to another by discrediting their compliment.

As Moms, we need to understand what we are teaching our kids when we refuse to allow our strengths and talents to be acknowledged. I challenge all of us, including myself, to accept a compliment and allow it to bring a smile to our face and warm our hearts.

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