Monday, July 4, 2011

Unquestionably Perfectly Choreographed

Trusting God has never come easy to me- just being honest. I think it became most difficult after I was diagnosed with Diabetes. But, anyway- this whole new uncertainty surrounding us was bringing my prayer life and trust life to whole new level. I had to trust God, who else could I put my hope and trust into? I couldn't make all that needed to happen, Lupe couldn't, my parents couldn't, my children couldn't- God proved to be the only one to hold onto- and believe me, I was holding on for dear life!
After Lupe left for Ft. Lauderdale, I kept myself busy so I wouldn't think to much. I was praying for a second interview and for God's favor and direction.
I believe it was around 2ish in the afternoon by the time Lupe called after his interview, it had gone much longer than he anticipated. The job was for a Dining Director of a large Independent and Assisted Living Facility for Seniors. When Ventura called, it prompted their District Manager to do something because they were not pleased with the way the dining department was going and thought Ventura's phone call was a perfect opportunity to make some changes. The interview went well, actually it went VERY well! They pretty much hired Lupe within about 30 minutes. He was being hired at that point as a consultant to help steer the department in the right direction and implement some past due changes. If changes could not be made, they wanted to Lupe to consider to take the position permanently. They were starting him off with almost the same pay we left Texas with (except we had more expenses now, but STILL!) and asked him to start the following Monday (we had just arrived Wednesday!) and he pretty much made his own 40 hour week schedule. They ALSO said he (and the girls and I) could live in one of the facilities apartments until we found our house/apartment, and we could also have full use of the dining services, and amenities. When and if he was hired on permanently, we would have full benefits. I was almost speechless (which is a miracle in itself) as I listened to everything Lupe was telling me. So, we then talked about is this it, THE door? It was hard to imagine it wasn't, we had friends with pretty major degrees who had been looking for jobs for months- and Lupe had been "unemployed" less than a week. It was hard to imagine this could not be God opening a door for us. Although it was farther from my parents than we wanted to be, we were only 45 minutes from my brother and his family. Needless to say, Lupe (obviously) took the position.
Christmas Morning
We now had to decide when the girls and I would come over. We had just arrived at my parents, and the girls (and I) were so excited to be with my parents for awhile. To pack everything up already didn't seem right to any of us. We decided, the girls and I would stay with my parents until after Christmas since that's where we (siblings) all were planning to celebrate anyway. That would give us some time there before another big jump. That meant, Lupe would be away from the girls and I for about 3 weeks- Lupe and I had only ever been apart for about 2 days. This was necessary- but was NOT going to be easy. We truly like and enjoy being together- just us! We don't need to be surrounded by people all the time (some times, YES, just not all the time)- we genuinely love to be with each other- just the 4 us. We knew we could do this though.
Let me tell you- distance does make the heart grow fonder! I gained a much higher respect for single moms- although I did have help from my parents- it was all on me!! Not to mention how much the girls missed Lupe, they are both Daddy's Girls through and through.
When Lupe arrived Christmas Eve, I was like a little kid! I was beyond excited, my heart jumped! We had a wonderful Christmas and were excited- and still a bit scared- about our big new life that was just beginning.
What did I learn? I learned first and foremost about the Faithfulness of God! I was, and still am, amazed at how He so effortlessly, unquestionably choreographed everything. I learned I am resilient and can do even more than even I knew. I also had a realization about Uncertainty- the good thing about uncertainty is that there are options out there and options to be discovered- and options is not a dead end road. Strangely enough, that realization brought me comfort. Those few weeks made me realize how much I love and need my husband- and how comforting it is to have him close. Then, my parents, I realized how much I love and had missed them- we saw them on good occasion in Texas, but it was so great to have them just a few hours away.
This was a great way to start our new season, especially with all the 'opportunities' that lay around the corner. We could always look back and say, "This is stuff, but we have already seen God's timely Faithfulness first hand".

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