Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More of YES!!

"Just a minute.." 

"Hold on.." 

"Maybe later.." 

"In a little bit..." 

"Wait a minute..."

"Not now.." 

Just a plain simple "NO!"

These are all responses that I feel have been coming out of my mouth TOO much lately. I am thinking that "Yes" has been used less and less as a response to my girl's requests.

I mean, sometimes all of my first responses are necessary and valid. I am cooking dinner, in the middle of a conversation or meeting a deadline. You know, the times that they seem to make the requests just as you begin working on something or talking to someone.

But, there are many times that I am able to put down whatever I am doing and make doing a puzzle, reading a book, coloring or watching a movie while cuddling a huge priority! But, regrettably me and my less than perfect Mommy self has been saying everything but, "Yes!"

You hear Mom's with older kids and Grandmothers tell us all the time, "Enjoy these moments..", "Make memories..", "Spend time with your kids, everything else will still be there tomorrow.."

As true as these statements are, it is many times harder than that- at least it is for me. Even though it may difficult to stop in the middle of something- I still need to do it. My kids must know that they are more important than laundry, cleaning, phone calls and projects. There are times that they will have to wait, but that should be the "norm".

I have taken the first step in recognizing that my kids deserve better, and I am missing out on HUGE moments and memories by making excuses to do other things. But, it doesn't do any good to recognize the problem if I am not going to take the steps to change it.

I am determined to make "YES!" (And an excited "YES!" not a mediocre forced one) a very common word that comes out of my mouth to my girls.

All I have to remember is what a miracle those 2 precious girls are to me. When I think back to those doctors declaring that my girls would never even be here, it becomes easier to allow the word "Yes" to readily roll out of mouth enthusiastically.

Ephesians 5:15-16"Be very careful, then, how you live- not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity.."

PS: I finish writing this after a rough "meltdown" night with my oldest...well considering it's still going on a bit it's still not "after". Rough night at the Garica Casa.  

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  1. What a great reminder. My little ones often hate my computer. We made it a priority to say YES today! When we had just a few moments before bath, I got out the fingerpaints for them. What a blast! (and perfect timing with the bath!)