Tuesday, January 17, 2012


WELL, it is official....we are moving into a new apartment in 1 week!!!
I finally embraced that we would be moving, and started doing tons of research and phone calls to help Lupe out (prior to this, my denial left everything up to him). Last week, on Lupe's day off we hit the road with Gianna in tow to look at more apartments than I can count! I do know we were in and out of the car for over 6 hours.
Lupe ran across a place that looked to have potential, so the next day we all loaded up to go take a look. As we were driving over, Lupe looked at me and said we need to pray- sitting at the red light at Sunrise and Nob Hill, the whole family prayed for favor, guidance, and direction.
We walke into the model apartment, and I instantly liked it- not crazy about the kitchen- but I can handle  it. While Lupe was talking to the manager of the complex, she thanked him for being so kind and told him she was going to give him some more benfits on moving in. She waived the prorated rent for the month of January, gave us $300. off our move in costs, gave us $130. off the first months rent, and told us not to worry about paying a deposit until the day we move in. Believe me, we had spoken with so many complexes and none of them offered us this many discounts (if any at all). It was a huge blessing, I would say God definitely gave us favor!!
My girls are excited, although Tenly did say yesterday that she would miss this apartment- as will we all. It was our first home in this new season!!
Now, the packing has begun! The girls are so excited to help- they are doing a great job, but I do miss Sarah, Sandi, and Cat (and so many others) who helped me so much when we moved from Texas! It's been so much easier moving down the road, we will have about 4 days to get it all done little by little. 
I messaged my friend, Kim, to let her know we had found a place. She responded, asking if I was relieved. I really had not thought about it, as I was responding back to her- I realized just how relieved I truly was. Resistant is the only that will describe my initial response to moving. Now that a decision has been made, we have found a place we really like for the right price- I am so relieved!
It is no secret how much I despise change and fear the unknown- and this move fell into both of those categories. We had to move within weeks and there was not a place in sight- that really scard me. Although, I still do not love the fact we are moving- at least we know where we are going and we like the place (I may even like it more). We are also saving a significant amount of money that will give us a little more breathing room. 
I have to trust God in this, He knows what He's doing. We will be moving to a different school district, but we are hoping the school district will grant us reassignment for Tenly's current school.
Anyway, there are a couple of other things going on I want to post about, maybe in a couple of days!!
By the way, I wanted to post some pics of packing up the apartment- but my camera is not working! On the bright side- I just realized we have a warranty replacement plan- hopefully that's a great thing!!

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