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Chelsey:"A REAL Housewife of Glenwood Springs"

Chelsey, a wonderful Texas friend, was so kind to answer a few of my "Mommy Questions". It didn't surprise me at all that she had me laughing through many of her answers. Chelsey and I became Mom's around the same time while we were both on staff at the camp, and found comfort and many laughs with each other throughout some difficult times.
A great memory of Chelsey was when I went to the hospital to see her while she was in labor with her oldest, Aspen. The nurses directed me to her room without hesitation, so I was caught off guard when I walked in. I found her laughing and asking for food as I then had to walk past her legs hiked up and extended with Dr. Edwards down there stitching up "her stuff"- while over in the corner her husband, Michael, was holding perfect Aspen Rose. But, that's Chelsey!
Our girls, Tenly and Aspen, even had their ears pierced together with our friend Kim's little girl, Bella. Because Tenly was about 16 months old, I was terrified to do it, so Chelsey and Kim held her to have them done. Wouldn't it figure that she didn't even cry, I totally underestimated that kid.
Chelsey has always been a very understanding friend who could always make me laugh in the right moments, and keeps me "grounded". It was a sad and happy day when they drove all of their belongings off of the camp road to start their new life in Colorado. But, it has been wonderful to see all the dreams they are experiencing together as a family.
Here are some of Chelsey's insights and experiences as a Mom:

Ears Pierced: Chels & Aspen, Me & Tenly, Kim & Bella
My name is Chelsey and my husband, Michael, and I are originally from Texas, and we moved to Glenwood Springs, Colorado in 2008. We had our daughter, Aspen, in August 2007 and our son, Gunnison, in August 2010. We have been married for 6 years and love living in Glenwood Springs. First, because it's so beautiful here. Second, There's so much to do! We love to hike, bike, swim, tube the Colorado, fish, hunt and many other things! We can do every single one of those things in our own town; we're on a permanent vacation!
Scheduled or Unscheduled Mom? What are the benefits and downfalls to your choice?
The only schedule that we keep is going to church every Sunday morning. I like my kids to fly by the seat of their diapers! I don't keep my kids on such a strict schedule that it can never be broken and the poop hit's the fan. We do eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and take naps around the same time everyday. Keeping the schedule a little loose allows my kids to be flexible in any situation. Man, when Aspen starts school it's gonna rock my world!
 What is your biggest Mommy Pet-Peeve?
My biggest pet peeve is when I see other parents allowing their children to pretty much do whatever they want with no consequence. Like throwing fits in the store, kids not sitting down in shopping carts, running amuck in public places, disrespecting authority, etc. Parents need to stop trying to be their kids friend and start acting like a parent. People wonder why so many teenagers these days are disrespectful and rebellious.

Your funniest/most embarrassing "Mom/Child Moment"?
We were in Khol's and my daughter all of a sudden throws up all over herself in her stroller (always keep a spare set of clothes even after potty training- you never know). I had to take her all the way across the store to the bathroom to get her cleaned up. I passed a woman and she gave me the ugliest face when she saw my daughter. I almost told her to take a picture so it'll last longer, but I didn't! It's not like I fed her ipecac so that I would know what it felt like to get myself into strange social situations, it just happens!
Given the opportunity, what- if anything- would you do differently as a Mom?
As a Mom, I am continually learning to have more patience. I'm sure that's every mom, though. My daughter is very strong willed and she knows how to push all my buttons. I love my daughter, but there are many times when I dislike her behavior and I am hoping that when she gets older, she'll use that trait to her advantage. There will be no stopping her and the goals she can achieve. But, in the meantime, she can be extremely hard to deal with!
Did the way you were parented shape the way that you parent your own children?
I think the biggest impact my parents had on me was the way they interacted in their own marriage. They didn't talk about things very much and never seemed to be on the same page. I always told myself that my marriage would be different, and it is. I believe that you need to have a strong marriage before you even think about bringing children into the world. 
I had a pretty great childhood, actually. Both of my parents worked, so I was a daycare kid from the age of 6 months to 12 years. During the summers I was able to go on all types of field trips and things, so I did get to experience more things than what my parents could have ever done on their own.
So, Mom's who must place their children in childcare- don't fret over the thought of leaving your kids with someone else all the time, kids learn a lot form interacting with other people an they'll make a lot of friends.
Did you breastfeed? Did you feel pressured to/not to?
I breastfed both of my kids and I plan to breastfeed the other children that we plan to have. It's kind of funny that with my daughter, I breastfed her until she was 4 months old and had to stop because I stopped producing. So, with my son I was bound and determined to not let that happen again. My goal wa to make it to 6 months and then go from there. When he was 3 months old, I got kind of tired of breastfeeding since it became more of a hassle (it was more difficult being out and about more), so that's when I weaned him. 
I never did feel pressured, but I did want them to have a good strong start. I'm all for breastfeeding, but would NEVER pressure a mom/new mom to do it. I would certainly want them to know all the facts about breastfeeding vs. formula before making a decision. New Mom's have plenty of worries without others adding their expectations- support is the best thing to give to a new Mom.
Do you have a funny "labor" moment?
When I was in labor with Aspen, I had to push for over an hour! My husband was on my right side holding up my head, and then right in the middle of a big push his elbow hit the button to lower the bed (it happened more than once!). Everyone jumping asking, "What just happened?" It is funny to think of now, but not then!
When I was in labor with Gunnison, because of how long I had to push with Aspen, my husband thought it necessary to pull up a stool to sit on so he could be comfortable, too! TOO??!  There was no TOO- I was in no way, shape or form comfortable!
They checked my cervix when I was at 6, so the OB went to take a nap (8:30am) while I was transitioning. I started to feel a lot of pressure and the urge to push, when they checked me I was at 10 (9am). They made me wait to push until they were able to get my OB in the room! I had to "hold him in" for 30 minutes waiting for the doctor- my son was born at 9:42am! I was NOT comfortable!
What is your "secret" addiction or obsession?
I guess I feel like I don't have enough drama in my life, so I watch all of "The Real Housewives.." shows on Bravo..New Jersey, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New York, etc! I definitely get my drama fix!
One thing that you do for your kids, because you love them, but you absolutely dread doing it?
Brushing their teeth! I know, it's sad, isn't it? But, my husband dreads it, too! I cannot wait for the day when they can brush their teeth on their own, but until then, it's a necessary evil.
What is something you said you would NEVER do with/to your children, which you find yourself doing?
I always said that I would NEVER let my kids drink soda. My daughter is almost 5, and I only allow her to drink clear sodas with no caffeine. My son is almost 2, and he can only have lemonade. My kids drink water, milk, and 100% fruit juice most of the time, but soda and lemonade is something they only get on occasion.
Labor: with drugs or without drugs?
I had epidurals with both of my kids and I plan to continue to do so for my future deliveries. I'm all for women who choose to go all natural...they're more "woman" than I am! HaHa!
What is the best piece of advice you could give to a new Mother?
Some new Mom's know their limitations and want/need help while others are gung-ho "I'm gonna do this without any help" Moms. Please know that there's no shame in asking for help and advice. Don't try to be Super Mom because you'll run yourself ragged trying to do so. Being a Super Mom comes with time, practice, and a full nights sleep (in other words, almost impossible)! 

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  1. Chelsey, I can picture your adventures in mommy-hood. You make my <3 smile. Love n miss you and the family.