Friday, May 18, 2012

The Cry of My Heart..

I am a huge fan of Ann Voskamp. I just took the opportunity to read her post The Happy Mom Manifesto. Although, it is titled for "Mom's"- this is something that should be at the heart of every person. 

As I have been writing this blog at about a year, I went back and reread many of my posts. I read all the way back to a wonderful and most difficult move from Texas and the process my heart had to go through in turn. As I read down memory lane, I was proud of the lessons I have learned, the kicks in the butt that made me better. It brought me joy to see I finally forgave in many instances, and I was eventually happy I did, lol. There was so much satisfaction at the walls I had torn down, the barriers I had put up, and I- at 30+ years old- was finally learning to take correction and be chiseled. I am stronger, I am better, I am (more) stable, I am trusting, and I am (always) still evolving.

Back to Ann's Post. As I am this journey to continue "Finding Myself" and my purpose, this post, The Happy Mom Manifesto, seemed to package what my hearts cry is.

I encourage you to follow the links to the post and Ann's site of incredible, candid encouragement and knowledge- I am going to post it here. I hope your heart is touched as mine was.

The Happy Mom Manifesto
         1. The only thing that has to be written in stone is when to pray.
Because it’s not schedules, busyness, or deadlines that keep one from prayer. The only thing stopping one from praying is self. {Excuse-making can be a cheap cover for idolatry.}
If one’s not praying regularly, it’s only because something else is regularly loved more than God. 
2. Even if everything goes wrong, love is always right. There is ridiculous hope in this.
3. Whenever you want to throw your hands up, throw them around someone instead. Holding someone always helps holds things together. 
4. God didn’t put people in your path mostly for your convenience; He put you there for theirs. This is a wonder and a grace. 
5. Why be afraid of anything —  when our God is using everything? 
6. Pick flowers. Pick grace. Choose joy. 
7. This is always a choice: You can erupt — or pluck.  You can be an Erupter — or a Plucker. You can choose. 
8. Be radical about grace and relentless about truth and resolute about the real hills worth dying on. 
9. Say yes to one game every day and laugh loud. No empty-nest mama looks around and wishes she did one more load of laundry. 
10. Happiness isn’t when the house is perfect. Happiness is when His Word and your walk are in harmony. 
11. And every happy homemaker knows that the secret to real homemaking is not about making perfection. Home-making is about making a home.
A perfect home may not at all be a neat as a pin home. The point is not a house as neat as a pin or Pinterest pinnable.The point is a house pinned together with sacrifice and Christ and love that can withstand any winds. 
12. Unplug often to get refreshed. You’ll see your true self when you look for your reflection in the eyes of souls not the glare of screens. 
13. Make yourself a roof.
Love bears all things and it reads stego in the Greek — literally a thatch roof. Love means you bend your life into a roof and take the rain and the wind and absorb all that might come a beating. 
14. The only life worth living is a scandalous one: scandalous love, offensive mercy, foolish faith. Let joy live loud in your soul. 
15. Only Speak Words that make Souls Stronger.

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